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Marvin Edeas Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications - Justia Patents Search

Since 2016, Marvin Edeas ( has worked with the Cochin Institute, Paris Descartes University, as a visiting professor. He works with Paris Descartes University, CNRS and INSERM in the Development, Reproduction and Cancer Department. Marvin Edeas came to be a part of the team working with Cell Proliferation, Inflammation and Oxidative Stress.

Marvin Edeas’ Works and Publications

There were two reference works on mitochondrial medicine written and published by Marvin Edeas back in the year 2015. He dealt with the effects of oxidative stress in HIV replication in both asymptomatic and symptomatic patients with HIV in his thesis, defended in the year 1996. His book released in 2005, "The Health Secrets of Tea", was written for a wide-ranging audience. In addition to his own writings, the research undertaken by Marvin Edeas is very often the focus of content in the specialised press.

When the first clinical study which looked into the impact of antiretroviral therapy on lactic acidosis and hyperlactatemia was held, Marvin Edeas took part. At the Paris Descartes University, he highlighted the role of co-infections and oxidative stress in patients suffering HIV. The factors that cause blastogenic plasma in HIV Type 1 cases were defined by Marvin Edeas in 1997. The six years he put in at the Antoine Béclère Hospital helped him to examine the latency mechanisms of the HIV virus in patients who are HIV-positive, in addition to the activation factors.

Marvin Edeas - Oysters and Peptides Derived from Hydrolysates Modulate Oxidative Stress

Two Nrf-2 modulators separated from peptides and proteins, which can trigger the antioxidant system of defence, were identified by Marvin Edeas. A start-up company was established in order to promote the peptide due to these patents. Oyster hydrolyzate has applications in the areas of medicine, dietetics and cosmetology.

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